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The RapidFinder™ ID and Taqman™ GMO kits in combination with the Applied BioSystems 7500 Fast or QuantStudio 5 instruments offer an industry leading screening capability to ensure consumer safety and labelling needs are met. Whether you are conducting GMO testing to detect bioengineered genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in a sample for quality control purposes, detecting meat contamination in food, or quantifying the amount of a specific protein in a finished product, we offer a range of validated real-time PCR solutions to address your throughput, accuracy, and detection sensitivity needs with high confidence.

Reliable detection and quantification of species DNA in meat and feed samples

Image Here Identification of meat species present in food samples is an essential step for verification of origin and traceability of raw materials, as well as for quality control of handling and cleaning processes in production lines. In collaboration with Imegen*, we offer a broad portfolio of real-time PCR based meat species detection and quantification testing solutions for multi-meat and equine, with high sensitivity below the officially required limit of detection (LOD) of 0.1% (ref. EU No 51/2013 of 16 Jan 2013, amending reg. EU No 152/2009):

RapidFinder ID Kit RapidFinder Quant Multi- Meat Set
The Thermo Scientfic™ RapidFinder™ ID Kits detect mitochondrial DNA** in food samples. Each kit contains a positive control consisting of 0.1% species DNA. All reagents for 48 reactions are provided. The Thermo Scientfic™ RapidFinder™ Quant Multi-Meat Set detects mitochondrial DNA** in food samples and includes the standards for quantification (species and animal).*** All reagents for 48 reactions are provided.
Get 50% off your first sample kit of RapidFinder kits from the below list*
Kit Species Detected Product Code
RapidFinder Beef ID Kit Bos luarus A24391
RapidFinder Pork ID Kit Sus scrofa A24392
RapidFinder Chicken ID Kit Gallus gallus A24393
RapidFinder Turkey ID Kit Meleagris gallopavo A24394
RapidFinder Sheep ID Kit Ovis aries A24395
RapidFinder Equine ID Kit Equus caballus A15570
RapidFinder Poultry ID Kit Several avian species A24397
RapidFinder Quant Multi-Meat Set   A24399
RapidFinder Quant Equine Set   A15579

Solutions for GMO screening and quantification

On-going public demand for more information about food safety, authenticity and origins continues to drive tighter regulations around the use, supply and labelling of specific foods and ingredients. In many countries food manufacturers must provide clear labelling when specific ingredients are present including certain allergenic materials and genetically modified organisms (GMO). The need for reliable and affordable tests to enable accurate analysis and provision of information has never been greater.

TaqMan GMO Screening Kit TaqMan Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit TaqMan GMO Maize Quantification Kit
Detects all GMO events approved by the EU, as well as the majority of those described in international databases.

The TaqMan GMO Screening Kit simultaneously detects regions P35S & CaMV, TNOS & A. tumefaciens and P34S & FMV using the three GMO event master mixes. supplied in kit for highly accurate determination of the presence of genetically modified material and the natural presence of these organisms/viruses used for initial modification. In addition, the kit contains master mixes for the multiplex amplification of an Endogenous Vegetal Control (EVC) and Internal Positive Control (IPC). Results are obtained in under three hours.
Uses real-time PCR to detect and quantify the percentage of Roundup Ready (RR) soya (event: MØN-Ø4Ø32-6; GTS 40 – 3 – 2) compared to the total soya in any food or animal feed sample.

The kit quantification standard consists of a plasmid containing both an endogenous gene (gene present soybean) and a transgenic sequence (one copy of the specific soybean Roundup Ready fragment).
The TaqMan GMO Maize Quantifi cation Kit uses Real-Time PCR to detect and quantify the percentage of P35S compared to the total maize in any food sample or feed sample.

The Kit quantification standard consists of one plasmid containing both an endogenous gene (gene present maize) and a transgenic sequence (one copy of the specific maize fragment).
Get 50% off your first sample kit of TaqMan GMO kits from the below list*
Kit Product Code
GMO Screening Kit 4466334
GMO Maize Quantification Kit 4481972
Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit 4466335
* Imegen = Instituto de Medicina Genomica, Valencia Spain ** Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a multi-copy DNA target, as mammalian cells contain several copies of mtDNA per cell. The RapidFinder ID Kits and RapidFinder Quant Multi-Meat Set, detect mitochondrial DNA, giving the assay a very high sensitivity and making the assay applicable to be used with processed food. *** Quantification assay is based on two absolute quantifications: the total amount of species DNA (using RapidFinder species ID Kit and RapidFinder Quant Multi-Meat Set), and the total amount of animal present in one sample using the RapidFinder Quant Multi-Meat Set.

Terms & conditions: *Limited to a single kit per customer. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. This promotion is open only to customers in Australia. Offers valid for qualifying orders received by Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty Ltd no later than 31st December 2019, or until promotional supplies are depleted, whichever comes first. All offers subject to Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia’s standard terms and conditions. Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications, terms and pricing are subject to change. Please consult your local sales representative for details. ©2019 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks used are owned as indicated on

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