Lab Check Result Registration

Lab Check is a voluntary lab based self-diagnostic and maintenance program. Interpretation on results can vary between users, as such Thermo Fisher Scientific does not certify the performance of any instrument checked under this program.

Once you confirm you have successfully completed the recommend checks and registered the results Thermo Fisher Scientific will provide you with sticker to be placed on the instrument that will provide a reminder that these maintenance steps and checks should be performed annually at a minimum for all of your bench top equipment, irrespective of the level of use.

Thermo Fisher Scientific will also provide you with a certificate of participation for your records.

Thermo Fisher Scientific recommends that you print and complete the checklists for each instrument. This document should be stored as evidence of your instrument performance as part of your instrument history, it also allows you to monitor drifts in performance.

Download lab check sheet

Instrument Brand Model Serial Number Test Result
Drybaths & Heat Blocks
Hotplates & Stirrers
Rockers, Rotators & Vortex Mixers
pH Meters
Disolved Oxygen Meters

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